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that's true. kim brown and linette charles are here. we are going to start with linette who has a check on the weather. >> good morning, the weather is going to be nice, because we are going to be seeing lots of sunshine. it is going to be windy and dry. so the windy, dry, that's what is going to be enhancing our fire risk for today. check out the headlines, or the highlights. whatever you want to call it. nice and pleasant. today and tomorrow will be in the upper 70s. we have rain possible by the weekend. the timing of the rain isn't going to be that great. we need that and so as we go throughout today. we are going to be looking at dry times, especially on maryland's most powerful radar. you can see it, all five sweeps are on. definitely take a jacket with you, because you can see temperatures in the 50s. 57 degrees right now as we look at sites into bellair. centerville around 58. the big story, we do have the westerly wind at about 11 miles an hour. these are your gusts. sustained winds at 5 to 10
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miles an hour and we will be getting more gusts as we go through the rest of today and your gusts will be up to 25 miles an hour and with that, that is going to fan some flames if there are anymore fires. the relative humidity is very low and you couple that with the wind and we could be seeing damage. but i'm going to update you on all that information. i'll give you that seven-day forecast coming up as well. good morning, kim, how are you doing? >> thank you. we are doing good traffic wise as well. although in baltimore city, you probably will see that intersection remain closed as they continue that cleanup from yesterday's fire activity. dealing with an accident still on northbound 95, some activity remains on the right shoulder and debris in the roadway. 895 southbound as you approach the exit. 795, you're going to be looking good the entire stretch from route 140, that is about a 5 minute ride. you will see it start to pick up a little bit. that will take you an
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additional five minutes. as we look at our cameras, here's 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. no problems as you make your way through the tube. minor congestion as you approach the toll plaza. megan, back to you. baltimore city firefighters have been working overtime today dealing with multiple fires and here's the most recent one. a viewer sent this video to us. the shot of the fire in mount vernon. the flames were shooting up near charles street and madison street. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night. firefighters were able to contain the flames and this morning there is no word on what caused this. and this is just the latest of a string of fires in the city that firefighters had to deal with throughout the day yesterday. at least two other fires were four alarm. now more than 100 baltimore city firefighters were working fires, even crews as far as howard county had come in to help. the fires were in west baltimore and the latest video we showed you. linda so joins us live with more on this story.
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>> reporter: good morning. certainly was a busy day for firefighters, not only here in the city, but lots of other firefighters from surrounding counties that came in to help because these fires were so bad. more than 100 firefighters here in the city were needed to battle these fires that were fueled by those gusty winds. fast moving flames tore throughout a dozen row homes throughout the city yesterday. the first fire broke out at around 5:30 in the afternoon in the 1300 block of north calhoun street. three row homes caught on fire. as firefighters were attempting to put out those flames, another row homes caught fire and a block away, flames shot through several other row homes. people felt helpless as they watched their homes destroyed by fire. >> this is our time as a church to reach out and wrap our arms around our neighbors, around our community. this is the time for us to show strong in our faith and are trusting god and to be god's vehicle to minister to the needs of the people.
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>> now that church took in some people last night, gave them a place to stay, fed them meals. the red cross is helping displaced families that lost everything in this fire. some of the row homes that did catch on fire yesterday were vacant. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. four minutes after 6:00 right now. now the union representing baltimore city firefighters is linking these fires to those on going labor concerns. local 734 sent abc2 news an e- mail. in part, it reads every baltimore firefighter on duty is currently on either calhoun street right now or kerry street in west baltimore. the mayor and city council fully fund the fire department. >> the baltimore city fire department is operating under a system of rotating closures as part of the city's overall cost cutting. charges this morning in a deadly fire we told you about last night in columbia. a 34-year-old man named damon
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white stabbed his ex-wife before intentionally setting a fire. he is charged with homicide and arson. white is in critical, but stable condition this morning. when he is released, he will be taken into police custody and charged. baltimore county family hopes craigslist will help provide some answers for them in a critical injury of a loved one. bobby rose was the victim of a hit-and-run back in august. it happened in downtown baltimore at gillford and center streets. his family is asking for your help to find the person responsible for this. abc2 news brian kuebler explains. >> living in a homeless shelter, not being able to take care of his 14-year-old boy. he was aiming to turn his life around. august 15, his life turned upside down. >> actually right now, the
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prognosis, the doctors aren't sure at this point. he has massive brain damage. >> bobby is in a coma now and barely responsive. he was a victim of a hit-and- run as he was in downtown baltimore at noon on sunday. witnesses say the driver stopped at first, then sped off. beyond that, ross' family knows nothing. three weeks later now, and they say police have yet to call, making her feel like nobody even cares. >> i'm not saying i'm frustrated. i'm just saying i think they need to do more, you know, as time goes on, he's going to be forgotten. >> investigators will be interviewing the witnesses. we'll check to see if there were any cameras in the area. if there are, we will look at that footage. >> ross' family can't wait for police any longer. they posted this craigslist ad asking for any information, even posting the same request
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on our facebook page. hoping, praying someone knows something. >> someone saw something that can come forward, or they know the person that did this and they can come forward. >> taking matters into their own hands, looking for the person who stopped her brother's life at the intersection of center and gilford. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. she received a few phone calls from the ads, but so far, no real leads to go on. 7 minutes after 6:00 right now. she says he's never read the koran, but he wants to burn it anyway. a florida pastor has gained national attention for his plans to set the koran on fire. abc2 news, sherrie johnson joins us with reaction from local leaders. >> good morning, megan. the pastor of a small church in florida says he doesn't plan on stopping what he is doing. earlier this week, general david patraeus who leads u.s. troops in afghanistan said the koran burning would put troops
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in more danger. the head of a local islamic group says terri jones' plan shows a misunderstanding of his religion and a disrespect for all religions. he worries that people in muslim countries might see images and assume most americans agree with what terri jones plans to do. >> it really doesn't matter whether he does the burning on saturday or not. what matters is, his message, what he stands for, and all of the people around him that support him. >> now in addition to saturday being the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, friday is the last day of ramadon. one of the holiest days of the muslim calendar. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the story is getting a lot of reaction on our website. if you want to weigh in, log on to or go to our facebook fan page. we'll put some of those comments on the air. it is now 9 minutes after 6:00. we are counting down the days
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until komen maryland's race for the cure. abc2 news is going to be live on the air broadcasting the event from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00. you can still register for the race. head to our website, when you get there, click on the lifestyle tab and click on think pink. dark clouds form over texas. what damage has been done and the cleanup that is taking place. plus, we are working to help couples have babies. we are giving you all sorts of options out there. we'll tell you about one family trying to start a family using ivf. all right guys, just dance. a scientist actually took the time to study the moves that will make the ladies squirm. all right, we want to remind you, if you are trying to get back to work, we want to help you. every wednesday on good morning maryland, we will put three video resumes on the air. all you have to do is e-mail us
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at we'll call you to come in and we'll put that on the air and on our website. but first, before we go anywhere, we're going to head up to new york and get the latest business news. >> good morning. in today's money scope report, job openings rise for the first time since april. the number of jobs advertised rose more than 6% in july. many experts think the unemployed don't have the skills to fill those openings, making it harder to bring down the unemployment rate. consumer borrowing fell again in july as we cut back on credit card use for the 23rd straight month. the decline in borrowing and increase in savings is weighing on the economy. consumer spending accounts for 70% of total economic activity. toys r us is taking advantage of vacant mall space opening temporary stores. the retailer is hiring 10,000 workers to staff them. mcdonald's hamburgers got a failing grade by consumer
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reports. its burger was rated the least delicious out of 18 fast food restaurants. five guys and in and out burger were the favorites. i'm vanita nire.
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13 minutes after 6:00 right now. when getting pregnant doesn't happen naturally. many couples turn to ivf to have a baby. in this morning's take five. linda so tells us how ivf helped one couple overcome infertility. >> there's never a dull moment with twins. these two-year-olds are into everything. >> now that they are here, life has never been the same. >> life wasn't always this way for rebecca, it took a while
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for her to get pregnant. >> i had a feeling something was off. >> after trying for a while, rebecca and her husband knew it was time to see a doctor. rebecca was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. >> you don't have anywhere to find answers. you don't know exactly what is wrong so you don't exactly know how to fix it. >> the fix came when she came to shady grove fertility center. a procedure where a women's eggs are fertilized with sperm outside the whom and the embryo is transferred into theuterus. the doctor says the success rate depends on the woman's age. >> under 30, a 50/50 chance of pregnancy every time. patients over 43, expect a 5% chance of success. >> give him a kiss. >> it paid off for rebecca when she found out she was pregnant with twins. >> i knew. hi a weird dream beforehand and
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i knew something good had happened. >> it's the good that comes with having two little ones around, family now complete with plenty to smile about. linda so, abc2 news. >> they sure are cute. all right, tomorrow on good morning maryland, adoption and how it was the right choice for one local family looking to make a difference. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right, check this out. damage is reported in and around dallas, texas yesterday after storms spawned several small tornadoes. one tornado hit a strip center and some other buildings off of mockingbird lane in dallas. collapsing part of a roof and sending debris flying. the tornado was captured on camera by a local news crew as the twister scattered debris and tore up local buildings. so that's exactly what you can get once tropical storm comes in contact with land and also
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some flooding across that area as well. back here at home, what we're dealing with is a cold front that passed through the area. we are now feeling the cooler temperatures. into baltimore, the temperature at 57 degrees. 56 in altoona. pittsburgh even cooler coming in at 54 and 53 into charleston this morning. as we go throughout the day, our high around 78 degrees. so we are going to be feeling good. the big story, though, the moisture in the air, which is not a lot, and also the wind. let's start with the moisture. we have the dew points. once we get into the 40s, that air is very dry. once we head down south into the 70s, that's where they are dealing with soul tri, oppressive air across the area. so winds, another factor and right now they are sustained at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. 8-mile an hour wind into frederick right now and we are looking at 5 into new york. washington around 8 miles an hour. but the gusts as we go throughout the day will be picking up at 25 miles an hour and the sustained winds will be picking up to about 10 to 15 miles an hour as we go into the
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afternoon. high pressure is definitely building in across the area. this is a canadian high and it's bringing in cool, dry air. that cold front has passed the area and on the front side of that cold front, definitely dealing with the warm humid air. we are also watching what's going on into the tropics once again and we have tropical storm igor way out into the atlantic as of now and it's not going too much. it's here to the south of cape bird island. it's not a threat to the u.s. as of now. as we head throughout the rest of today, we'll have a few clouds and that will continue as we go into friday and by the time today rolls around, we will be seeing mostly sunny skies, temperature around 78 degrees. it's going to be mild and also going to be breezy. and then this overnight, yes, 56 degrees, mostly clear and cool and then by tomorrow, still more of the same. sunny, still mild, it is going to be breezy outside. let's check on the traffic with kim brown. good morning, kim.
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>> thanks. good morning. we did have debris in the roadway blocking the right lane. southbound 895 as you approach the road exit, that just got cleared so traffic is able to flow freely. this is 895 at the spur. you see no problems or delays at this time. traffic moves very, very well. as we look at our drive times and our maps at this time, traffic is doing pretty good around the area. the only thing we have left so far is going to be in baltimore city. the traffic lights are out at the intersection of northern parkway and charles street. treat that as a four-way stop. also expect to see some delays between rolin avenue and falls road for that on going construction as you make your way past and towards the jfx. our drive times all in the clear. no issues or delays northbound 95 up to baltimore city. 29 is looking good between route 70 and 32 and no problems around the beltway. megan, back to you. >> thank you so much, kim. 6:19 right now. an important study to tell you
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about. one of the rituals of mating. men and women dancing together. while you may not be ginger rogers, a man can win a woman's heart on the dance floor. but that is if he has the right moves. now scientists have determined what those moves are. so fellas, pay attention. nick watts reports. >> presley, travolta, hammer. any man who can cut the rug will get attention from the ladies. look at swayze in dirty dancing. some english scientists finally figured out why. >> a bad dancer is someone who engages in rigid movements. good dancers are guys who are making lots of variable movements. >> they know this because they made 19 dudes dance for their cameras and 37 heterosexual
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women rated their grooves, name their favorite dance body part. >> movement of the head, the neck, and the upper body that seemed to signify a good dancer. >> apparently good dancing demonstrates something called functional viability, which means you have good core strength, you are muscular, you are healthy, and you are capable of having kids and raising them. >> you see it in nature. vulgar displays prove. >> the same thing is happening in humans. down in the dance studio, they say confidence is actually the key. >> that's the basic of it. if you think you're the bomb, you're okay. >> does it matter to you if i can dance? >> most of the time, yeah. >> what do you mean most of the time? does that mean you have gone out with bad dancers? >> yeah. >> there is hope for all you guys out there with two left
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feet. and another thing, any clutz can be taught how to dance. abc2 news, london. i don't know, we'll have to take a poll. we have a studio full of women. we'll have to find out. it is 6:21 right now. the only way to make finding this suspect any easier is if he was arrested himself. the key piece of evidence that he left at the scene that will lead police right to his doorstep. >> and if you want to spend time with the stars, you could get your chance during the oscars. we'll tell you how to get up close with the rich and famous.
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6:24. let's take a look at entertainment news this morning. starting in january, larry king's prime time hour will have a british feel. cnn has announced that pierce morgan, british tv host will take over the show with a
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candid news maker interview program. cnn's president says morgan, who made his name posing tough questions to public figures will be able to look at all the aspects of news and style with a sense of humor. morgan's show will air live on cnn u.s. at 9:00 eastern standard time and then worldwide on cnn as well international in more than 200 countries. an attorney for britney spears ex, kevin federline says allegations by a former body guard that brittany abused her children has been investigated and they are baseless. fernando flores filed a lawsuit. the lawsuit that spears acted inappropriately in front of them merit no action. federline has custody of the former couple's two sons. believes to have been at events described in the suit that
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caused him psychological damage. making plans to go to the oscars? you could. you may have to get a front row seat and it can all be done for the red carpet. next week you can apply online and take part in a random drawing for one of the 700 seats along the walkway into the kodak theater. if you plan on doing it, good luck. take pictures and e-mail them to us. can 6:26 right now. he and his family lived in the area for two years after moving from fairfax county. welcome to baltimore county. we are glad you're here and hopefully you have a wonderful birthday, george. you also celebrate a birthday with kendra spalding, celebrating her 7th birthday. if you're having a birthday, we would love to know about it. all you have to do is send us
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the birthday announcements, a picture, and all of that good stuff to so we can put it on the air and say happy birthday to you. it is 6:27 right now. when you get your hair done, you want it done right, there's no question about it. but one woman used her fist to settle this matter. plus, it's a religious controversy as a florida pastor plans to burn copies of the koran. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, hear what a local islamic organization has to say about it.
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